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New Loves – Vintage Blazer & Vest

I have always been fiercely proud of my Scottish heritage. So needless to say I was very excited a few weeks ago when my mum pulled these pieces out of her closet.

These were custom made for my grandmother, and while I can’t narrow down the date, it would have been sometime between 1930 & 1970.


I had to replace the buttons on the blazer as only one of four remained. I just grabbed these from the fabric store, but will be keeping an eye of for some true vintage buttons. And now I have one lonely button that I’m thinking I’ll either sew onto the collar of the blazer, or create something new with it.


The vest is high-waisted, so I’ll mainly be pairing it over dresses. And leaving it unbuttoned, as it makes me look a little boxy otherwise.


There’s also a pleated skirt, but my grandmother was such a small lady and it comes nowhere close to fitting me, sadly.


These are my first vintage pieces, and I am very happy they come from my grandmother. Although I was never able to meet her it’s nice to have something of hers that I can take with me.


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This entry was posted on February 8, 2016 by in New loves.
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