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Converting to a Bralette


If you had told me a year ago that the bralette would become my main undergarment, I would have said, “I doubt that.” I’m not overly large chested, but I’m likely larger than average, and my size doesn’t really fit well into the standard bra sizes, so it is difficult to find something that fits properly (aka comfortably).

So I was concerned about support. How can something with barely nothing, actually provide proper support?

What converted me to simply try them out was a video from Buzzfeed where women with larger breasts wore bralettes for a week. And there were some that fit better than others. But that’s the key – some fit and worked well for them. And if they fit for them and they felt supported, why wouldn’t they fit me as well?

I also did some reading and as women we are let to believe that without the proper support of a bra our breasts will sag as we get older. However, other studies have shown that in fact, not wearing a bra or little support will actually strengthen the chest muscles naturally (I still recommend some weight & strength training to assist those muscles). So hey, added bonus.

After Christmas I hit up a chain lingerie store and tried on the limited selection of bralettes (like 3). It felt strange. We become so accustomed to the support of underwire. I wasn’t sure if I would like it, but was determined to give them a chance, and figured if nothing else I would wear them at home, and switch to a “proper” bra when going out.

After wearing one for a whole day, I was pleasantly surprised. It was comfortable, I felt supported. You know that feeling of relaxation and “ahhhh” you have when you take your bra off at the end of the day? I didn’t need that. Then after a whole week of wearing the bralette, I put on an underwire bra, and thought “this is actually not that comfortable.” So I was converted.

There are a few instances where I will still wear an underwire bra, but overall it’s bralettes all the way for me now.

Are you a converted bralette wearer? Leave a comment why or why not below!


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