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Why You Should Keep a Fashion Diary

Whether your closet is limited or expansive, keeping a fashion diary is not a bad idea.


Having worked in retail for so long, I have quite the expansive closet. And in fact, could go about 50 days without wearing the same thing twice (excluding all my fancy dresses). But even so, I can get into the habit of wearing the same top every other week. Because it looks good with so many things, or it’s really comfortable.

Keeping a fashion diary lets me track what I wore each day, so I don’t repeat items, or combinations, too close together.

But it can do more than that. Use it to keep track of your favourite outfits. Mark combinations you’d like to wear again. Or ones that didn’t work out, and why.

Also, make a note in the diary about how you felt when you wore the outfit. Did you feel confident? Sexy? Self conscious? Cozy? How you felt wearing something is just as important as how it looked.

How do you keep track of the outfits you wear?



One comment on “Why You Should Keep a Fashion Diary

  1. fashiontofollow
    February 16, 2015

    Great idea!

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