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What I’m Into – January 31

I love jewelry. It’s something I think you can never have to much of, and it’s what can give the same outfit different looks.

Here are some of my favourite pieces I’ve spotted lately.

First up is the Sushi Charm Bracelet by Little Miss Delicious. This fabulous lady, out of England, hand crafts all the charms.



Next is something big and bold. The Yayoi bracelet from Boyajian Trend Gallery. I especially love it in the purple.



I’m so excited that cuff earrings are trending right now. And the big flashy ear cuffs that cover most, to all, of your ear are my favourite. Like these from Baublebar.

gemstone-ear-cuffs gemstone-ear-cuffs-2

Now this is a piece I’ve been in love with for a while now. Vivienne Westwood’s Armour Ring. It’s clean, simple, and still an eye-catcher.


What’s your go-to jewelry piece? Leave your comments below!



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