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1 Outfit – 5 Looks

Accessories can transform your look and can take the same outfit from ‘day-at-the-office’ to ‘night-on-the-town’ and everywhere in between.

Here’s how I transform a simple black skirt and top, and create 5 totally different looks.


Keep it clean, keep it simple. For an office look I chose a pearl & gold necklace, small earrings, and simple bracelets. The high-waisted belt adds an extra touch of professionalism, while the black and white shoes keep it classy.


business-outfit-bracelets business-outfit-necklace-earrings business-outfit-shoes

Rock Concert

Turn it up a notch with heavy, bold accessories. Layer those necklaces, wear more than one belt, and don’t forget about those boots. To show off the earrings I chose to wear my hair up in a high ponytail (also helps keep the hair out of the face when you’re rocking out).




rocker-outfit-bracelets-2 rocker-outfit-bracelets


Shopping Spree

This look is all about having fun and playing with colours. I matched a bright pink necklace with bright blue shoes, and added a white belt for even more contrast. Bracelets are bold and playful, while the butterfly earrings add an extra touch of fun.




shopping-outfit-bracelets-2 shopping-outfit-bracelets   shopping-outfit-shoes

Boho Chic

For this look I chose jewelry in natural tans and browns, but added a pop of colour with the feathered earrings. Wearing a cloth headband gives a no-hassle feel, and flats keep this look feeling comfortable.

boho-outfit boho-feathered earrings boho-blowfish-shoes


The vintage look is all about keeping it classy. A bronze headband tops this look, while cameo earrings give that vintage vibe. You can never go wrong with pearls, so I layered black pearls with a silver key & locket necklace. The bracelets are in bronzes and browns, while the shoes finish the look, but add a touch of modern with their sparkly studs.



vintage-outfit-bracelets  vintage-outfit-shoes

What’s your favourite look? Leave me a comment below!


Skirt and Top by Esprit
Office Look: Shoes by New Look, Belt by Esprit
Rock Look: Boots by Slush, from Slash n Burn, Cross Necklace by Guess, Black Pearl Necklace by Accessorize.
Shopping Look: Shoes by New Look, Belt by Esprit, Butterfly earring by Tomo Jewelry, Beaded Bracelets by Accessorize.
Boho Look: Shoes by Blowfish
Vintage Look: Shoes by New Look, Bangles & Headband by Claires, Black Pearl Necklace by Accessorize.
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