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Diamonds – Bigger Does Not Mean Better

There are four categories you want to think about when looking at a diamond: cut, colour, clarity, carat.



  • Is it round, princess (square), rectangular, oval, heart?
  • Also, how many facets it has – how many flat faces it has
  • A diamond’s cut affects the ‘sparkle’
  • Round diamonds naturally have more sparkle than princess cut diamonds because they have more facets
  • More facets mean more light is being reflected


  • A diamond’s colour ranges from D (clear) and up
  • The higher up the alphabet, the more yellow it’s going to look (or brown)
  • DEF is a good color range to be in, and unless you’re a gemologist you’re not going to be able to tell the difference between an F and a D
  • Natural red diamonds are the most rare
  • Diamonds can actually be colour treated, a lot of canary yellow or blue diamonds in stores aren’t naturally that colour – if your diamond says ‘enhanced’ it’s not a natural colour


  • A diamond’s clarity is based on its flaws, which includes black spots or white feathering
  • Clarity has five categories I (1-3), SI (1-2), VS (1-2), VVS (1-2), Flawless
  • An ‘I’ diamond means you can see the flaw with the naked eye
  • It is sometimes possible for a good goldsmith to help hide the flaw with the ring’s setting (depending on where the flaw is)


  • This is where most people get hung up on
  • This is the size of the diamond
  • The bigger the diamond, the more likely it’s going to have visible flaws and a lower colour quality


Keep these four things in mind when you’re choosing your diamond jewelry. And if you have any other questions about diamonds (or other gemstones), leave them in the comments below!



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