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New Loves – Liverpool Finds

One of the things I love about traveling to new cities, is getting clothing you can’t find in your home town. Perhaps it’s locally made clothes or a brand that isn’t available where you live. Whatever it is, chances are you’re going to find something unexpected that will rock your world.

Back in the end of July, I was across the pond in Liverpool for a friend’s wedding. And while you can check out the outfit I bought for it here: Favorite Outfit of the Week – July 25, I also picked up a few other fabulous items.

First up is a pair of purple pumps from New Look. I love shoe shopping at New Look. They always have crazy variety of styles and colours, and they’re reasonably priced. These pumps only cost about $50.


I also came across a fantastic store called Grin and they carry a ton of goth, punk, and rock brands. And trust me, it was hard to just limit myself to a few items. There I found the most amazing pair of birdcage leggings by Banned.


And also from Grin came this lace skull tank by Jawbreaker.


Do you have a favorite brand or store you can only get in another city? Share it with me in the comments!




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