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Winter Wardrobe Must Haves – 2013

Well, it has started to snow where I live. So that means it’s time to get winter ready.

Here’s my list of winter wardrobe must haves.

1. Long Wool Jacket

I recommend a classic black or dark brown. Coloured jackets are great and really stand out (who doesn’t notice the woman in the red jacket?!), but black or brown will ensure that your jacket goes with everything (and you can always play it up with coloured accessories). Here’s my favorite black wool jacket from Esprit. I really like how clean the front of the jacket looks without buttons.


2. Coloured Scarf or Pashmina

Winters can get pretty dreary depending on where you live. Coloured scarves are a great way to brighten an outfit. I’ve been seeing a lot of oranges again this fall, but I’m especially loving this season’s “Dark Curry” yellow. This patterned scarf from Esprit caught my eye.


3. Baker Boy Hat

I’m not really a hat person, so it can be hard for me to commit to a winter hat. But a couple years ago I tried on a Baker Boy hat and was in love. And I’m so glad to see they are back again this season. A lot of Baker Boy hats are made with a chunkier knit, so they give you plenty of warmth, but they don’t look over-sized.  The brim helps to keep the snow out of your eyes, while providing shape, and making it look more like a regular hat.



4. Multi-tone Knit Sweater

A knit sweater is one of the best things to make you feel cozy. But style is also important. This knit sweater with a collar really stood out to me. The collar adds that professional look, without being bulky, while the faux leather keeps it from coming across as preppy.


5. Polka Dot Blouse

Patterns are a great way to make your outfit stand out without a lot of extra effort. And this year it’s all about the polka dots. I love big polka dots and really like how the black on white polka dots stand out.



6. Coloured Denim

I think dark wash denim is where it’s at for fall winter. And dark purple denim is my favorite. There are so many great colour combinations you can do with purple.



7. Knit Sweater Dress

Chunky knit sweater dresses are the way to go. But to help them from making you look too boxy, add a high-waisted belt.



8. Faux-Fur Sweater or Vest

Faux-fur is a great statement piece. When you’re picking out your faux-fur, make sure it looks real. Faux-fur can look silly if it looks obviously fake. I recommend staying away from black, unless it’s just on the collar of a jacket. Browns tend to look better because they show off more dimension when the light shines on it. Here’s one of my picks for faux-fur this season.



9. Metallic Camisole

Metallic Camisole’s are great for just about anything. You can wear them under a denim jacket during the day and have a rock-star-vibe. Or pair it with a fancy skirt and sweater/bolero in the evening.


Do you have a winter wardrobe must have? Share it with me in the comments!



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