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5 Ten Minute Hairstyles

I am not a hair person. I barely have the patience to blow dry my hair, let alone style it.


I will happily take 30+ minutes to do my makeup, and spend time putting the extra details into an outfit. But if a hairdo is going to take more than 5-10 minutes, will need more than 5 bobby pins and an elastic, and may or may not require that I have four hands and eyes in the back of my head, you can forget about it.

But I came across this cute video by SecretLifeOfaBioNerd and she shows you how to do 5 Hair Dos in Under 10 Minutes.

I tried the first hair style, and it’s pretty cute. I have yet to try some of the others, and as a non-hair person, it may take me a while to get to them. But hopefully I’ll have some success, and get more than 6 hairstyles in my repertoire (ps, one of them is a ponytail…).

If you have a simple hair style trick, share it with me in the comments!



2 comments on “5 Ten Minute Hairstyles

  1. Katherine B16
    September 23, 2013

    This is great, I always struggle with my hair, I wrote a post about it too :
    The girls I mention in there always have good simple ideas. It really is the more than two hands thing that puts me off trying to do anything other than ponytail and loose. Plus, the last time I had hair this long my Mom was still tying it up for me!

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