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Why you Should Pay Attention to KPop

g-dragon-fashionIn the last year, Korean Pop Music has definitely reached a wider audience (as evidenced by world tours that have come to the United States, and the recent KCon in LA). However, the mainstream buzz that Psy’s Gangnam Style created has died down and there hasn’t been another worldwide sensation that’s come out of Asia. But in terms of forward fashion, I believe Asian Pop Music is leading the way, and deserves to be paid attention to.

Some of you may remember Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku Girls. And while, outside of Japan, we’re not hearing much about Harajuku, the district in Tokyo is still THE place to see/show off fashion styles.

Korean, Japanese, and Chinese Pop music share a lot of similarities, but I believe out of these three cultures that Korea is leading the way. A lot of Korean artists translate their music into Japanese and Chinese, and have quite the following in those two countries as well.

So, here’s why I believe you should be paying attention to KPop and the fashion that’s coming out of Asia in general.

  1. They aren’t afraid of color
    Big, bold bright colors are regularly part of KPop fashion. And they aren’t afraid of mixing colors too.
  2. They mix patterns
    Floral prints and stripes? Animal print with plaid? Nothing is off limits.
  3. They’re not afraid of experimenting
    A lot of groups don’t stick to one style, they mix it up in every video.
  4. They’re quirky
    While I might never wear a headband made entirely of tiny stuffed animals, somehow it works for them.
  5. They own it
    If you watch enough KPop videos, you’ll come across some strange outfits. The majority of artists have stylists, and a lot of the time, the artists don’t have any say in the outfits they wear in their videos and on stage (especially newer groups). However, whatever they’re wearing, they rock it.

2ne1-kpop-fashionEven if not everything you see a Pop Star wearing is to your tastes, there’s definitely something you can take away from by paying attention to their styles. Even if the lesson is, don’t be afraid to take chances.

Check out one of my outfits that had a little KPop inspiration.


Here’s some music videos of some of the Korean Pop Stars that I think are leading the way in terms of Korean Fashion:


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