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Favorite Outfit of the Week – Sept 8

Being a wallflower isn’t really my thing. And while I may be a shy person, I want my clothes to say something. So, this week’s favorite outfit is a Punk-Rock look, with a little K-Pop inspiration.

When I started putting this look together, I started with the boots. And the best way to show off the boots is with shorts. Since I find most shorts aren’t interesting/don’t stand out on their own, I added the straps and the studded belt. And to make this look successful it was all about the extras. From the argyle socks, to the accessories I wanted something going on everywhere you looked. To balance out the hardness of the boots, I love how the lace top creates that contrast.

And that’s where the K-Pop inspiration comes in – not being afraid to mix patterns and styles to create that unique outfit.




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