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What I’m Into – July 2

I love browsing store’s online sites. Even if I can’t get something (whether they’re out of my size, or don’t ship to Canada), it’s a great way to get to know what this season’s trends are, without having to go to the mall. It also gives me ideas of what to look for when I do make the trip to the mall.

Here’s a few pieces I came across that I’m in love with.

Maxi Skirt by Esprit

esprit-maxi-skirtWhy I love this skirt:

  • It has great flow to it
  • It can be dressed down with a simple tank, or dressed up with a fancy blouse
  • I’m not a short skirt kind of person, so this great for the summer when it’s warm out, but I don’t want to wear a mini skirt

Striped Denim by Esprit

esprit-stripe-denimWhy I love these pants:

  • I’ve always had a thing for black and white stripes, or black and any color stripes really
  • You’re going to get noticed wearing them
  • They still go with everything – they’ll bring that little something extra to a plain black top, or will help make your bright colored blouse pop even more

Animal Print Tshirt by Esprit

esprit-animal-print-tshirtWhy I love this Tshirt:

  • I’m a fan of animal print – when done in moderation
  • The animal print is subtle enough to not be overt and over the top, and looks just as good by itself as it would under a jacket
  • The print still adds something extra to an outfit
  • Because it’s white, I’d be able to dye it any color if I felt like mixing it up

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