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Back to Basics

If you’re trying to define your style, or are wanting to start your wardrobe from scratch, don’t forget the basics.


Just like everything else in life, the basics are the foundation. You’re going to build your wardrobe on top of it. And unlike trends, the basics never go out of style.

The basics include that perfect pair of dark denim that goes with anything, a classic black skirt, cardigans, blazers, leggings, and yes, that little black dress.

The basics are what you want to invest in. Because they’re going to be in your closet forever, you want to go for quality.

And you want them to be flattering on you. When you’re buying basics, if you think to yourself “this’ll do”, don’t buy it. Try something else on.

But basic doesn’t have to be boring. You can buy colored basics. I own the same style cardigan in three different colors: black, purple, and red. Try buying a basic in white. It’ll really stand out, especially matched with a bright color.

Dress shirts and tank tops also always come in a variety of colors. So find a style that works for you, and don’t be afraid to buy it in several colors.

Start building your style with the basics.



PS: If your basics start to look ratty, it’s time to replace them.

Denim tip: When you wash dark denim, turn then inside out and never use laundry detergent. Use vinegar instead. This will help lock in the color and keep them darker longer. Vinegar is a natural cleaning agent. And don’t worry, your denim won’t come out of the wash smelling like vinegar.



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