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Become Friends with the Sales Associates

A good Sales Associate can be your best friend.

Once you’ve found a store you love, get on a first name basis with at least one of the Sales Associates. This should be someone you feel comfortable with, and someone you trust to pick out clothes for you. It may take you a couple visits to the store to find the Sales Associate you click with. But I can guarantee you won’t regret it, and it will make your shopping experience better.

If you really enjoyed the help you got from a Sales Associate, don’t be shy about asking for their name (and don’t forget to write it down – I suggest on your receipt). Or even asking them when they normally work. A good Sales Associate will want to connect with you, and won’t have a problem telling you when you can expect to find them in the store.

If a sales associate can get to know you, they’ll be able to tell more about your tastes and how the clothes fit. They’ll be better able to help you find clothes you love, as well as potentially push some boundaries about what you would normally pick out.

I strongly believe in the customer-sales associate relationship. And don’t feel that you have to spend a lot of money to be considered a “regular customer”. A customer who is pleasant and is enjoyable to help, makes the sales associate’s day better, and in turn will make yours as well.




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