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Find a Store you Love

Finding a store or brand you love is an important part of creating your style.


Find a store you’re willing to spend money in. This should be a store, that no matter when you walk into it, you’ll be able to find something you like.

While it can take time to find a store, it’s well worth it. Especially if you don’t like shopping around, or don’t have time to shop.

Shopping shouldn’t be a horrible experience. You’ll have a better shopping experience if you feel good about the store you’re walking into, and if you walk in there knowing you’ll be able to find something you want to buy (even if it’s on the sale rack).

You’ll also be able to become familiar with how their clothes fit, so you’ll feel better about trying things on. And perhaps even trying something on you might not normally pick up.

My store is Esprit. And I was lucky to have worked there for several years. Every time a new shipment came in I’d be able to pick out at least one or two things I would wear. Sometimes it was just a classic tank top that came in a new color, other times it was a satin pencil skirt, or the most comfortable pair of leggings I will ever own.

Even when I didn’t work there, that was still the only clothing store I went into. I knew what kind of clothes I’d find in the store. But was still often pleasantly surprised when something I didn’t expect, but still fit with the brand, came in.

Unfortunately Esprit has taken their stores out of North America. But the next time I travel to the UK, I’ll be bringing an empty suitcase.



One comment on “Find a Store you Love

  1. kristianemirva
    June 8, 2013

    There is nothing worse than walking into a store, trying on a few pieces on and walking out feeling worse than you did when you went in. Once you find a store you like, it is SOOOO much easier to shop! And you feel much better about yourself.

    I loved Esprit and was so sad to see it go too 😦

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